Cleveland Heights-University Heights Teacher Nominated for Service Award – Cleveland Heights Patch

Karen Willmitch, an intervention specialist and LifeChanger at Roxboro Elementary School, was featured in Cleveland Heights Patch last week! Check out a sneak peek: “Mrs. Willmitch has consistently been an impressive colleague who treats students and staff with respect,” Glasier said…“She is hard-working, eager to collaborate and recognize goodness, and is committed to helping students […]

12th Coast teacher named to national list – Sun Herald

The Sun Herald has been featuring their local LifeChangers on their website, including Kaitlyn Pickett from Pascagoula-Gautier School District! Lydia-Kate Jordan, one of Pickett’s students, nominated her teacher. “She spends time creating fun things for students to do while we learn,” Lydia-Kate said. “She made the classroom into a Pokemon game for students to learn […]


Fryeburg Academy’s LifeChanger, Dylan Harry, was featured in the Conway Daily Sun last week! Check out a sneak peek: “Mr. Harry is an excellent teacher who welcomed me into the Fryeburg Academy Community,” Mercauto wrote. “He is my favorite teacher because he has not only changed my life, but the lives of other students in […]

Concord Teacher Up for National Award – Concord Patch

Cynthia Burnham, a resource teacher and LifeChanger from El Dorado Middle School, was featured in Concord Patch! Here’s a sneak peek: “Mrs. Burnham is a very dedicated teacher and co-worker,” Duran said. “She has faced some health difficulties over the past year, but she still comes to work. Her students brighten her day and make […]