Kriesti Bunch

Position: Chief Academic Officer

School: Somerset Independent School District

School District: Somerset Independent School District

City, State: Somerset, Texas

About the Nominee:

Kriesti Bunch has one of the most positive attitudes! She has both her students’ and employees’ best interests at heart. In addition to serving as Chief Academic Officer, Ms. Bunch is Somerset ISD’s professional development coordinator. She is so good at what she does, and she gives the greatest presentations!

Ms. Bunch lives to inspire people and to make a positive impact on those around her. Her compassion for students and staff is over the top. She promotes good customer service and instills the idea in her staff that students come first. You will never hear a negative comment from her, and you will never hear the words, “I/we can’t do that.” Every time she arrives on campus, both students and staff recognize her and are always excited to see her. She definitely leaves an impression on everyone who crosses her path!

In her professional development role, Ms. Bunch strives to improve teaching and learning in hopes of making a difference in students’ lives. Her constant positive attitude definitely radiates throughout the district every day, especially through her professional development training classes with teachers and staff. Her leadership skills are impeccable, and she holds herself to the highest standard of professionalism. Her commitment to producing a nurturing atmosphere is shown daily!

Ms. Bunch has definitely set the bar high when it comes to moral and ethical standards. Her goal is to instill in students and staff her ideas of how important it is to have moral standards in their daily lives.

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  1. So proud of my Wife for her nomination as a Finalist for the Life Changer of the Year Award. I am grateful to have witnessed the many lives you have positively impacted through your Education career. Not only have you made a difference in many lives; you are the difference in my Life😘. I love you so much💘

  2. My dear niece wishing you the best on this award. No better person is deserving. What great write up and it definitely described you to the tee. Auntie Annie

  3. Hey cousin – congratulations. You are absolutely deserving of this award. It is true you bring love and joy to all. Good luck Tim and Angrla

  4. Congratulations, Kriesti! May you continue to bring a positive atmosphere to Somerset ISD. Your interaction with teachers, students and administration is overwhelmingly positive. You put your heart and soul into everything you have done at Somerset ISD. You are well deserving of this award!

  5. Mrs. Bunch has always been an inspiration to many of us, her positive energy is so penetrating that we tend to withhold and pass on to others. She is a very humble and sincere person that no matter what position you have within the school district she will take the time to stop by and have a few positive and inspirational words with you. We are very blessed to have Mrs. Bunch in our district and truly deserves this and much more. Congratulations Mrs. Bunch!!!!

  6. I met Ms Bunch at a Somerset new teacher orientation where she was the presenter. As a 20+ year school district employee in several districts in SA and Houston I was expecting the usual spiel, but Ms Bunch is the most dynamic and positive person I’ve ever encountered. I left feeling energized, excited, and as if I was the best new employee in the district!

  7. Kriesti Bunch is such an energetic and dynamic person. She inspires the ones around to be the best they can be. I dubbed her “The Head Cheerleader”. It is inspiring to watch her lead the new teacher orientation and the convocation at the beginning of the school year. Each year it must be very difficult to make the current year better than the last—but somehow she does. Can’t say enough good things about her—never a negative word from her.

  8. Kriesti is filled with PASSION, PASSION, PASSION…for students, for staff, for learning and for life! She inspires and motivates those she works with and makes anyone she comes into contact with smile and laugh. Congratulations Kriesti!
    Diana Barrera

  9. Congratulations Kriesti, your are truly an inspiration of positive energy for the district! You exemplify commitment, hard work, and excellence.

  10. Kristi Bunch has been such a wonderful person to work with. She radiates and that just spills over to everyone she encounters. She has this BEAUTIFUL PERSONA that makes the room light up. Kristi always makes you feel so SPECIAL. I was thrown back when she remembered my birthday and sent me well wishes. Talk about the icing on the cake. She cares about everyone, no matter your job title. And, never hesitates to give you that hug and call you by your name!!! She treats everyone with such respect and kindness. You are the BEST!!!!

  11. Kriesti Bunch is one of my favorite brain partners. We enjoy brainstorming ideas, envisioning how Somerset children, teachers and families can be impacted with leadership choices in the district. Kriesti is dynamic, energetic, synergistic, and enthusiastic. She exceeds any expectations placed before her. Kriesti is pure joy as a colleague and friend.

  12. Mrs Bunch is the epitome of an Out of this world teacher!! She is definitely my inspiration and the best teacher a student can have! Her energy, smile, knowledge are just a few of her best traits. It is very rare for students and teachers to have a relationship past the classroom & I am glad that she is still a part of my life. She truly has a heart of gold! Awesome work!!

  13. Mrs. Bunch taught me to dream big, never give up, and to always do the best I can do. I am truly thankful and blessed to have had her in my life; I would not be where I am today without her encouragement and support.
    You deserve this award full heartedly. I am so proud of you!!!!

  14. Mrs. Bunch is the woman who inspired me to become a teacher. I have been teaching for 5 years and I hope one day I will be able to be half as effective as she is. I was blessed to have her as a teacher for 3rd-5th grade. I have so many wonderful memories from her classroom, and I wish all children could have the same experience I had in her loving classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Bunch for influencing me to want to make a positive difference in the world every day.

  15. Definitely the best of the best and an inspiration to many! Always has something positive to say! Well deserved!!!!!

  16. Savannah Heights faculty and staff loves Mrs. Bunch! She is always willing to give and always takes her time to listen. She has never been seen without her big smile, which happens to be very contagous. With her positive attitude makes any day great! We appreciate everything you do for us and for all the dedication you have for our children in Somerset Nation. Congratulations Mrs. Bunch!

  17. Mrs. Bunch is magnificent!!!!! She is an individual that shines in any room she is in! As a teacher it’s hard to get us excited about going to a PD…With Ms. Bunch we ALL know if we must go to a PD then it better be with her! She works her butt off to ensure us as teachers feel needed and wanted! I don’t think there has ever been a time when I am around her that she is not smiling, yelling with happiness, or dancing around! Thank you Mrs. Bunch for being an awesome person!

  18. When it comes to Kriesti, there is no possible award befitting her impact on changing lives. She is the embodiment of enthusiasm and positiveness. Her contagious deameaner exudes genuine selflessness, humility and generosity which permeates her surrounding.

  19. If you haven’t met Kriesti Bunch, you haven’t met the best. Many districts would be thrilled to get one Bunch-caliber staff development in a year. We at Somerset ISD receive top tier training on a regular basis from someone who with integrity who is passionate about our mission. Her life-changing work here is akin to the ripples created when a pebble that is tossed in a pond, far reaching and inevitable.

  20. Kriesti is an amazing individual I have had the pleasure of working with in two different districts. She is a true professional who makes everyone feel welcome and valued at all levels throughout an organization. Positive attitude, enthusiasm, and the motivation to give 100% are contagious when you work with Kriesti. She has one goal and that is to provide the best for all of our students. With or without the award Kriesti is truly a Life Changer year in and year out.

  21. Congratulations to Mrs. Bunch!!,
    Kriesti is not only one of the most exceptional professionals in our District, she is a human being full of positive qualities that has the natural ability to transmit them to everyone around her.
    Kriesti will achieve any goal possible!!
    From friend to friend, runner to runner, Big Congratulations!! and very well done also on this 2016 Rock & Roll Half Marathon!!!

  22. Passion…Passion…Passion combined with positive attitude to change lives.
    WOW…Congratulations Kriesti!!!

  23. Mrs. Bunch presence is very uplifting and she definitely has a heart of gold! She has so much love, respect, dedication and passion when it comes to serving our students and staff. She always puts everyone’s needs before her own and spends long selfless hours to ensure that Somerset ISD shines. What I love most about Mrs. Bunch is her contagious smile and laughter! Somerset ISD has truly been blessed with such a tremendous, kind-hearted, passionate, giving, genuine soul. If anyone deserves this award is Mrs. Kriesti Bunch!

  24. Mrs. Bunch is an awesome leader and has been a big part of the tremendous success achieved at Somerset ISD team! Since she joined the district you saw an immmediate connection of energy, love, genuine caring and accomplishments…supportive, involved, positive and humble.
    Kristi is your Life Changer NLG!!!!

  25. This lady is awesome! I used to sign up for staff development when I saw she was the presenter. Loved it every time. I could sit one whole day with her as the presenter and I guarantee she is energized the entire day and still looks beautiful and full of energy at the end. Always positive and full of knowledge to share with anyone. Her love for the district is obvious. She never hesitates to work late hours. Somerset is truly blessed to have her on board. Congratulations!

  26. Ms. Bunch and I taught together for several years. At no time did she give her students less than her best. The self-confidence and work ethic she fostered in her students is apparent in their lives today as young adults and parents in our community.

  27. I cannot recall a day that I have seen Mrs. Bunch in a bad mood! Her positivity and passion for education is unexplainable, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. She gives, gives, gives, and gives without expecting anything in return. She is an AMAZING lady and is so deserving of this award! Go Mrs. Bunch!

  28. If we all could be the bundle of energy Ms Bunch is, our world would be exemplary…a feel good intelligent energizer she is….LOVE…

  29. Congratulations Kriesti!! This honor is so well-deserved! You have always made my day better whenever I’ve run in to you! Thanks for always being so positive, uplifting, and genuine!

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  31. Mrs. Bunch is a great asset to the district! With her endless positive attitude, her smile can make your day! She has been there for me when I needed help in school matters, and she is always there for you when you need her. I hope she wins this award to validate all that she does for our school district. We are blessed to have her here at Somerset!

    • Kriesti reigns supreme with her positive energy and outlook. She moves by faith and has never forgotten what it is like to be a student in the classroom. She will always be a teacher at heart. Words cannot convey how deeply blessed we are that she came to this hidden “diamond on the south side.” What an honor to have such an incredible mentor! Somerset loves you Kriesti Bunch!!!

  32. Congratulations Mrs. Bunch!!!!! You are such inspiration to many of us. Your enthusiasm and energy is very refreshing and so contagious. So very deserving of this award!!!!

  33. Congratulations Kriesti!!!:)

    You are one of the most uplifting people I know! Your passion is truly our kids and it shows. Your positive attitude is contagious. We are blessed to have such a wonderful person as a co-worker, mentor, and a friend. This recognition is so well deserved!

  34. Kriesti Bunch is the definition of a life changer, she was one of the first people I met during new teacher orientation 4 years ago and her enthusiasm and zest is what motivated me to pursue this career with my whole heart! Her passion for the education field shines throughout our district, year after year! We are SO blessed to have such an amazing woman leading our district! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US, Ms. Bunch!

  35. Kriesti is so very deserving of this award. Her committment and resolve are apparent with her impact on the lives of students, teachers and colleagues. She makes it look easy to be so dedicated and devoted to the education of SISD kids. Thank you for all you do Kriesti, you are sincerely appreciated and loved by your peers!

  36. Mrs. Bunch is truly inspirational. When Mrs. Bunch is around the climate is always warm and inviting. When I hear Mrs. Bunch will be leading a training I know it will be exciting and engaging. She makes everyone she comes in contact with feel as if they are the most important person in the room. She takes times to listen and address any concerns that arise. We are lucky to have such a positive and uplifting person within our district.

  37. Kriesti Bunch, You are an AMAZING Lady!
    Congratulations! We are so blessed to have you at Somerset ISD. Thank you.. for all that you do!

  38. It is a both a privilege and an honor to work with Kriesti. She has a contagious enthusiasm for education. I can think of no other person who would be so deserving of this recognition. Congratulations!!

  39. We have a saying here in the Bulldog Nation of Somerset: “It’s time to BUNCH it up!” What that means is we need to go BIG, go to the EXTREME, go with a FULL PASSION BUCKET, and KEEP GOING until we get to the finish line! That’s because Kriesti Bunch has brought an over-the-top positive vibe to the district that is totally infectious! Kriesti is a Life Changer with students, with her peers and colleagues, and in our entire Somerset ISD community!

    STOP the contest now! Throw in the towel! WE HAVE A WINNER!

    And her name is Kriesti Bunch…

    • Kriesti is the ray of sunshine that an educator looks forward to working with. She genuinely has everyones best interest at heart when it comes to students, teachers and administrators. I appreciate that she always listens and is willing to receive suggestions. Kriesti is a woman of her word and never leaves anyone wondering if their voice was heard. Kriesti validates and appreciates everyone with her enthusiasm, positive thoughts, and warm heart. She is a truly a blessing from above.

  40. Mrs. Bunch is an enthusiastic, radiant professional that is a pleasure to work next to! I can honestly say without her, our students Robotics Club would not be where it is today without her! She is BRILLIANT in all she does!

  41. Congratulations Kriesti !!!
    I miss your wonderful smile and our friendship! Kriesti is a ray of sunshine that provides warmth and a feeling of high energy! She makes everyone feel special and goes out of her way to help others!!
    Way to go Amiga!!

  42. Congratulations Ms. Bunch!!!
    Mrs. Bunch ignites the passion in anyone she comes in contact with! She not only ignites passion she is an outstanding listener! She listens to staff AND students! Even though she is at the district level she builds individual relationships with many students at the different campuses and she “checks in” on them from time to time. Ms. Bunch inspires people every day – students, staff and community members! I can not think of a more deserving person to receive such an award, than Mrs. Bunch!

  43. Mrs. Bunch is an inspiration to everyone she encounters. She has such a passion for life, teaching, growth, and excellence! Mrs. Bunch – you set the gold standard.

  44. I can’t think of a more deserving person. You are such an amazing person always have been!!! When I started public school in 2nd grade you lit up the hallways I knew I wanted you to be my teacher and the VERY next year you were!!! Seeing you act so crazy inspired my classmates and I to arrive for greatness all the time.!!! You are SO deserving of this award

  45. I remember when I first met Ms. Bunch. She welcomed me and ensured I felt a part of the team. Starting a new job at a new school can be a terrifying reality, and the small things she did to notice me and make me know I was part of the Somerset Family will not be forgotten. My thought was she must do that for everyone, and wouldn’t remember me. I was very wrong. I saw her again about 9 months later and she picked up right where she left off! She not only remembered my name, but engaged me in a conversation where I was the topic of discussion. She truly is a rare jewel and I appreciate her greatly. Congratulations, you deserve it!

  46. I have had the pleasure of working with Kriesti on several projects over the years. She is both energizing and motivational. Her attitude and zest for life is contagious and you can’t help but be inspired by Kriesti. She works tirelessly to create an atmosphere that is positive and mission focused. Everything that she does is ultimately about service to students. She is driven and focused on changing the lives of students through the adults that serve them. I admire this focused approach in Kriesti.

    Best wishes to Kriesti in the Life Changer competition. I can think of no one more deserving of this recognition.

    Jeff Goldhorn
    Executive Director

  47. Kriesti goes above and beyond to smile and greet everyone in the hallway.
    She is like our team cheerleader! Congratulations Kriesti! Being nominated is an honour.

  48. Congratulations to such a deserving person, I am truely honered to know such an amazing, positive and uplifting person.

  49. There is No WAY you can be in a negative, gloomy mood around this beautiful soul. We are the blessed ones for having her on our team. She is a born leader. Thank you for being a positive role model for all the young ladies here at Somerset ISD.

  50. Ms. Bunch is an inspiration to her students and employees at Somerset ISD. She is passionate and committed to ensure the students at Somerset ISD receive a quality education by providing teachers with the tools needed to be successful in the classroom.
    Her positive attitude is infectious among her peers, and her ability to lead and motivate others is a gift she possesses which qualify her as a viable candidate for this award!

  51. Way to Go Kriesti,
    You are an inspiration to us all your spunk, your enthusiasm is contagious when you visit our campus. Your passion to see the students succeed is awesome my little Golden Girl loves you! My cheer diva says you make her feel so happy and excited to be part of Somerset ISD.

  52. An outstanding educator and member of our community. Always has a smile on her face and engage everyone she meets.

  53. Mrs. Bunch radiance, enthusiasm and love for her educative mission is contagious. Her professionalism also marks her excellence in all that she does–coming into our classrooms to check on the progress of our students, talking to teachers and teaming up with partners outside our school, are just a few of the many things she does. When I think of Mrs. Bunch, I think of a true mentor that helps guide new paths. My hope is that many more educators have the opportunity to learn and team up with Kiresti–Go Mrs. Bunch!

  54. It is a joy to work with you Kriesti! You go out of your way to make everyone in our district feel important, respected and valued! You make it a point to recognize people by name and stop to genuinely ask how they are. We are truly blessed to have you on our team!

  55. Congrats to Mrs. Bunch!!!
    She has brought such a positive atmosphere to this district. Everything she does is for the students. She is always smiling up and down the hallways no matter what is going on. She is always ahead of the game. No one deserves this more than she does.

  56. Mrs. Bunch is beyond life changing! Her presence alone is inspirational because or her positive attitude and contagious smile! She has made Somerset Nation motivated to be a better district and employees are determined more than ever once they have crossed her path to be a better employee and a better person. This award is well deserved for Mrs. Bunch and her hard work and dedication!

  57. Congratulations Kriesti!! You are definitely an inspiration to the district and our community! You have made an impact on so many here at Somerset ISD and are so deserving of this award! We appreciate you and all that you do every day for students and staff!

  58. I can not think of anyone else who deserves this more. You have touched so many lives with your positive attitude and beautiful heart. But the children have always come first. Thank you and congratulations my friend.

  59. I have known no other educator with such a zest for life and teaching like Kriesti! She radiates positive vibes all the time!

  60. Congratulations Kriesti!!!!
    TEAM SOMERSET Loves everything you do for our students and staff daily!
    You know Kriesti is coming down the hallways first by her walk, fast and on a mission, and then hear her strong and positive voice saying “Good Morning” to everyone in her path. You can’t help but smile and respond to her.
    If you had your day start off bad, Kriesti can defiantly help you turn it around as soon as you see her BIG smile!
    Congratulations Again!!

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