Deb Byers

Position: Third Grade Teacher School: Underhill ID School School District: Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District/CESU City, State: Jericho, Vermont About the Nominee: Deb Byers was nominated by her principal, David Wells. For over 30 years, Mrs. Byers has put the students, families, and staff members first at Underhill ID School. She followed her mother, […]


Amanda DeBisschop

Position: English Teacher School: Leland and Gray Union Middle and High School School District: Windham Central Supervisory Union City, State: Townshend, Vermont About the Nominee: Amanda DeBisschop was nominated by a colleague, Sarah Birgé. Ms. DeBisschop is one of those teachers who every student loves. She is committed to social justice, equality and creating a […]


Jamie Kinnarney

Position: Principal School: Williamstown Elementary School School District: Orange North Supervisory Union City, State: Williamstown, Vermont About the Nominee: Jamie Kinnarney was nominated by Sarah Launderville, the parent of several students. Mr. Kinnarney is what every mom and dad dreams the principal of their child’s school will be: kind, smart, empathetic, energetic and understanding. He […]


Jody Emerson

Position: Assistant Principal School: U-32 Middle & High School School District: Washington Central Supervisory Union City, State: Montpelier, Vermont About the Nominee: Jody Emerson was nominated by the parent of a student, Stephanie Croteau. Jody Emerson is everything that a middle and high school assistant principal should be! She has the right balance of love, […]


Beth Bradford

Position: Kindergarden Teacher School: Stowe Elementary School School District: Stowe School District City, State: Stowe, Vermont About the Nominee: Beth Brafford was a third grade teacher years ago. She is currently teaching kindergarten-age children now. Ms. Brafford finds the best in everyone, and she is very positive. She is a good listener who can teach […]